Joseph S. Vita, AIF®
Financial Advisor

"I provide people the coaching and financial guidance to stay committed to a plan that is individually designed to successfully help them reach their financial goals."


Joe has more than 40 years working in the financial services industry. For most of his career he worked for investment banking firms in the Boston area. He served as Vice Chairman and was a member of the Business Conduct Committee of the Boston Stock Exchange. In addition he was a member of the Boston Securities Traders Association for 40 years.

Since joining Trilogy Financial, he has focused his attention on planning strategies for business owners and highly compensated individuals, helping them to mitigate their tax liabilities utilizing qualified and non-qualified strategies. He is also a Financial Advisor, AIF ® to qualified retirement plans (Defined Contributions, Defined Benefit and IRAs). Joe believes that an advisor best helps clients by helping to reduce their taxes to enhance their wealth. He believes that everyone who is interested in investing in the financial markets should have either an investment plan or a financial plan. Because everybody is different each plan should be based on three factors: (1) their goals, both present and future, (2) amount of time before they need access to their money, (3) what will make the client sleep at night (understanding their true risk tolerance).

Joe's Client Relationships

Joe supports a wide variety of clients, but here are some of the groups he has built his practice around.

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