Transition Time

Many times a major life change can be the catalyst for the need to create a different financial plan. This could be a career change, the unfortunate death of a spouse or divorce. Regardless of the transition, the emotional and financial implications can be substantial.

Most clients who are going through a major transition come to us with some anxiety and an unclear picture of their financial future. Questions about their 401k, life insurance policies, funding their children’s education, revising an estate plan and many more are often asked. In the case of divorce or the death of a spouse, we often see clients that did not handle the household finances or perhaps did not work while raising their children and suddenly find themselves needing assistance with their financial management.

Whatever the life-changing event may be, our Trilogy advisors will work diligently with you during this tough transition to create a comprehensive plan to ensure an optimistic and financially secure future for your next chapter of life.

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20 August 2018

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